Monday night on the Tonight Show Louis C.K. made a big announcement. He’s dropping all his other projects this summer to focus on a summer stand up tour. “I’m going to go on tour and do stand up all over the country. Usually I have a year where I’m splitting touring with shooting something, but this year…I just want to do stand up. I think that’s when I’m best at it, is when I’m not competing with other things,” he said, adding, “I don’t know where I’m going but its pretty much everywhere, the whole country, Europe, some other stuff. ” He’s doing some big spaces- he says he enjoyed working the Garden last year, (Madison Square, not vegetable), and some theaters, and mixing it up. He also explained that he’s managed to stay off the internet completely for a month. He pulled a reverse parental control, by giving his phone to his 10 year old daughter and having her put parental restrictions on it. Louis says he feels better, and its exciting having people tell him things that have happened in the world, instead of knowing everything from being on the internet. He said it’s increased his human contact, plus, he’s read a book for the first time since High School- Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice, and he discovered he’s absolutely loving Samantha Bee’s new show, and his life has changed for the better.

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