Late Night Laughter

The multiple-award winning late night talk show “The John Kerwin Show” is taped live before a studio audience in Los Angeles. Since 2001 the show has featured prominent and memorable guests such as Bruce Dern, Brian McKnight, Tom Bergeron, Steve Wozniak, Antonio Sabato, Jr., Eric Roberts, and Cloris Leachman. WANT TICKETS? The John Kerwin Show is unique because it involves Kerwin drawing comedy from the studio audience.  No written monologues, cue cards or Teleprompters – the comedy is almost totally spontaneous; even the celebrity interviews are done without a pre-interview as the show strives for natural moments rather than scripted material. “The John Kerwin Show” airs nationally every week on JLTV. If you are looking for a unique late night talk show, well….here it is.  We have been part of many tapings and each one is different than the other.  The fact that there are no scripts make the show refreshing and spontaneous. Get off your couch and be part of an exciting audience.