Book Review! Stutterer Interrupted by Nina G


More than a Book... A lesson of triumph and getting through life's obstacles.


Nina G has wrote a book that inspires us to be better and do better while keeping ourselves grounded. It's not the challenge but how you approach and overcome it.

Her perspective of first hand accounts of having a stuttering disability shoots straight to the point and you feel her journey.

To be a stand up comic takes confidence and breaking her barriers takes strength and confidence.  This book will soften your heart and bring focus on getting through the toughest obstacles and disabilities.


You can find her book on Amazon.



Although many who stutter experience discrimination in their jobs and personal lives, the following is just a small sample of famous stutterers who were all to become successful: Marilyn Monroe, Carly Simon, Winston Churchill and King George VI, who was the focus of the movie The King's Speech.

TRAVEL BAN: Make America Laugh Again

Travel Ban is about being brown and immigrant in America seen through the eyes of comedians of Middle Eastern background.


Directed by Samy Chouia



This film looks into the fabric of today’s society through the eyes of immigrant comics that deal with challenges performing and living in a world of a political firestorm that effects families and lifestyles.


After seeing the film, I realized that this movie also educates us to see how much our society is influenced by what we see in the news, whether it is true  or not.


Instead of relying on what we see and hear  in bias journalism we all should trust our own judgements and experiences to make decisions.



It brings immigrant and international comics together sharing stories of their journey into making a splash in the industry. It is real, gritty and thought provoking, with so much fictional content out there it’s refreshing to see real people talk about real situations. 


The truth is….laughter cures. It is the ultimate remedy for what aches this country and society. This unique film gives everyone the opportunity to unplug from the technology driven world and see for yourself the real power of comedy.


Bring the family, buy some popcorn and get ready for a truly genuine experience that will make you laugh, think and laugh again.


Here is the link to where you can watch it. It is only here for a limited engagement.

We remember Mitzi Shore… RIP

Mitzi Shore, a one-time powerhouse in the comedy business whose influence has continued to permeate comedy stages around the world long after she took a step back running the world famous comedy store, has passed away. Her son Pauly had been tweeting out that she had been on hospice, and asking friends to send messages to Mitzi while she could hear them. Mitzi died after suffering from Parkinsons Disease according to news reports. She passed away on World Parkinson’s Day.

Mitzi is survived by four children, Pauly, Peter, Scott and Sandy. Mitzi’s reign as the godmother of comedy began when she took over running The Comedy Store (owned initially by her husband Sammy Shore), which remains one of the most iconic clubs worldwide and continues to be a home where young comedians can hone their craft and develop into the greatest comedians in the country.


Comedians took to Twitter and Instagram to express love, gratitude and condolences this week.

Countless comedians owe their careers at least in part to The Comedy Store and Mitzi’s legacy- comedy giants like Robin Williams, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Roseanne Barr, Garry Shandling, Richard Pryor, Jim Carrey, Jimmie Walker, Andy Kaufman, Bob Saget, Richard Lewis, and Elayne Boosler.

Mitzi is survived by three other children: Peter, Scott, and Sandy and at least three generations of comics.