Daily in the know(Comedy News)

  1. AMC New Show
AMC set to launch an original comedy series and only has done one half-hour pilot, We Hate Paul Revere, but the network brass had insisted that they would remain opportunistic in the genre when a project gets their attention. Click the link below for more  details. Click here
  •   Writer & producer – Michael London
………      2. Behind The Pen Not many writers can break into Hollywood and land work on quality shows like Key and Peele, Rick and Morty, and Community all in one break-neck streak, but Alex Rubens is batting a thousand. Rubens admits a perfect mixture of lucky and good has produced a lot of laughs for the New York native, and with season 5 (or 4b) of Key & Peele starting July 8th and season 2 of Rick and Morty coming July 26th, now seemed like an appropriate time to talk to Alex about how he broke into his comedy career and what he has in store for the future. Click the link below for more details. Click here
………      3. Disney’s New Comedy Show Disney XD has given a pilot green light to Epic Offenders, a single-camera comedy that combines unscripted hidden camera pranks with live-action scripted comedy. Adam Small (Mad TV, Jamie Kennedy Experiment) and Trevor Moore (Whitest Kids U Know) penned the pilot and Tom Gianas (Tenacious D) is directing. Click the link  below to read more. Click here