We rarely have the opportunity to view a documentary that is real, relevant and on-point with current events.  We are in an era that people are very hyper-sensitive towards comments. Comedy clubs are a sanctuary where you should be able to go and leave your political views and beliefs at home and go see a comedian entertain you. This documentary showcases the challenges that comics experience and the changes of today’s youthful audience. Available on iTunes for digital download http://canwetakeajoke.com In the age of social media, nearly every day brings a new eruption of outrage. While people have always found something to be offended by, their ability to organize a groundswell of opposition to—and public censure of—their offender has never been more powerful. Today we’re all one clumsy joke away from public ruin. Can We Take A Joke? offers a thought-provoking and wry exploration of outrage culture through the lens of stand-up comedy, with notables like Gilbert Gottfried, Penn Jillette, Lisa Lampanelli, and Adam Carolla detailing its stifling impact on comedy and the exchange of ideas. What will future will be like if we can’t learn how to take a joke?